Smile Gallery

Before and After Photos

Case 1

  • 67 year old female
  • Has tried whitening before professionally and in office, but never got to the level of white she desired
  • Did all 4 sessions at high intensity and was not sensitive
  • Patient was ecstatic when she saw her results!


Case 2

  • 61 year old female
  • Has never tried any whitening before
  • History of crowns on most of her anteriors. 
  • Patient desired to whiten the teeth that did not have crowns placed, she did not want to crown healthy teeth to get the, whiter
  • Patient did 3 sessions at high intensity and was not sensitive
  • She was so excited when she saw her results!


 Case 3

  • 66 year old man
  • Patient has never done teeth whitening before
  • Patient did all 4, 15 minute sessions of ZOOM Whitening at high intensity and got the results he was looking for!
  • No sensitivity post appointment!


Case 4

  • 49 year old man
  • Patient is newer to the office and he was looking into replacing his current veneers.
  • Teeth #6 was restored with a crown and 7-11 are veneers.
  • Patient also decided to whiten his lower teeth to be able to have a whiter brighter smile and the results were amazing! The results surpassed the regular shade guide
  • He was ecstatic about the results and so are we!